Saturday, December 15, 2012

Do you have your wings?

By S. Derrickson Moore It’s my belief that you can never have too many wings on hand. This year, I felt like getting back to basics on the holiday decorations. Red and green. Blue and white. And lots and lots of angel wings. I’ve always been partial to angels. My artist mom felt that way, too. Thanks to her heavenly connections, I always got illustrated notes — not just money — during my baby teeth redemption activities, and I privately regarded my benefactor as a tooth angel, rather than a plebeian tooth fairy. I suspect Mom and I also shared feelings about our beautiful Christmas tree-topper angel. It was the first thing out every Christmas, and we stored her away each year with real regret. When I grew up, I decided there was absolutely nothing prohibiting me from incorporating angelic presences in my household décor all year round. I don’t go overboard, you understand. None of the kitschy excesses. Just two pairs of beautifully crafted, feathered wings (large and small) in my living room, and a couple of halos. And a couple of garden angels who winter over in my master bath. But during the Christmas season, I see no reason to limit myself. I have beautiful little handmade angels that my friend Cecilia Lewis brought back from a trip to Africa. I have folk art angels from the Caribbean, Mexico, South America and the Middle East. I have angels who perch on nativity scene bultos and nichos made by talented New Mexico santeras. And this year, I have lots and lots of angel wings after inadvertently pushing the wrong button on the copier. (Or could it have been an angelic mini- milagro?) During staff meetings, I concentrated on cutting out my fleet … so much so, in fact, that colleague and wag Lucas Peerman quipped that I was “winging it.” But I know he understands that I take angels very seriously, along with holiday decor. Some grinchy friends and relatives have even accused me of HDOCD (Hall-Decking Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). At the office, the little Christmas tree/Hanukkah bush is awaiting contributions from my colleagues and my giant Dilbert head is already wearing his Santa hat (accented with red and green chiles). My red chile lights are awaiting creative duty in my cubicle, if I can figure out how I managed to safely intertwine ’em with the vines last year. It’s a challenge, since I never seem to decorate the same way twice, and something always inspires a new theme: This year, it was a pretty little antique bell I found at Sweet Old Bob’s Antiques. We all know that every time a holiday bell rings, an angel gets wings, so it seemed like synchonicity when the paper wings started proliferating. I plan to include angel wings in Christmas cards and keep a steady supply on hand to offer as needed. I’ve given a few to kids and colleagues, who have made inventive use of them. I may hand them out to strangers, in the spirit of random acts of kindness. And send them to congressional leaders, with a reminder that we’d like to see more tidings of great joy and goodwill toward men. And women. And children. If you’d like to join the winging of the holidays movement, just google “angel wings clip art” and pick out and print your favorites. Ring bells. Distribute wings ... as awards or inspiration or a reminder of divine realms and higher powers. And know that when it comes to the true spirit of this blessed season ... well, you’ll be on the side of the angels. S. Derrickson Moore can be reached at; (575) 541-5450. To share comments, go to and click on Blogzone and Las Cruces Style. Follow her on Twitter @DerricksonMoore.  

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